restaurant wikiList of Zombies

restaurant wikiList of ZombiesThis is the red zombie. Hell never be added to your album, so dont even ask.

Gothic PrincessSuicide Cream Cake hours coins

GhostGhosts Requiem Cake seconds brains

Gothic RockRotten Bagna Cuada hours brains

[Animale Bakery] Cute Cat [Animal Bakery] Fun Berries

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Dark Green Fire Zombie Dark Pineapple Hands

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White CollarFinger Hotdog seconds coins

Zombabe Ruth Eye Rare Steak hours coins

Fat PirateArm Meat Jerky hours coins

Pinocchio Mad Hatter Pinocchio Hat Burger hours coins

Franken Meat on the Bone minutes coins

Heres a list of all zombies found so r in the album and their vorites. If you find more, please add them!

Gothic PunkBat Wing Souffle hours brains

Take your vorite ndoms with you and never miss a beat

[Animal Bakery] Bambi [Animal Bakery] Queen Cake

C Zombie with a? next to the name is a guess of the name from its picture

Gothic LolitaCursed Royal Tea hours coins

Female PirateHeart Pus Liquorice hours coins

Special Guest from Animal BakeryNo FavoriteBunny Painter From Easter Wonderland in Animal Bakery

[Animal Bakery] Dopey [Animal Bakery] Star Cupcake

Skinny PirateSword Blood Soup hours coins

BasketballFruits with Worm hours coins

WitchWitchs Special Beer minutes coins

Captain Pirate Stewed Captain in a Barrel hours coins

School GirlBlood Swiss Roll hours coins