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Fancy Restaurantis the thirtysecond episode in Season and seventysecond episode overall ofRegular Show. It first aired on July , .[]

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When the Maitre d lets go of his death fork after his death, the hand he used to hold his fork has four fingers and a thumb, unlike all the other characters, who have the usual three fingers and a thumb.

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The episode starts off withMuscle Manspitting out gum on a wrapper, but not closing it. He sits down withStarla, who has a concerned look on her ce, is holding popcorn to laugh and eat for the prank. A jogger steps over the gum without noticing, and Muscle Man laughs, but Starla doesnt. Starla says that its time to take their relationship to the next level, and explains that her parents are in town tonight. Muscle Man is excited by this, and says that they should take them to Wing Kingdom. Starla says that she doesnt want to take them there, and shows hima bistro in the park, where he says Oh no, bro. Starla says that shell see him at . Later, Muscle Man is seen in the kitchen at the phone. He makes a reservation for , where theMaitre dyells at him that he better be ncy, or else.MordecaiandRigbyask whats wrong. Muscle Man says that he has to take Starla and her parents out to dinner tonight, but he has to be ncy. He says that hes afraid that if he isnt good enough, hell get dumped by Starla and hell be miserable. Mordecai and Rigby reply that theyll help, but only to avoiddoing his work. They then go through a montage of teaching him how to be ncy. He is bad at first, but he eventually gets better at it.

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When Pops was describing his nciness book, he mentions that he published in in MCMXVII, and then hes cut off. This means that he wrote this book in either or .

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Hi Five Ghostwas originally supposed to make an apperance at the end of the episode in the original ending, The ending was cut for unknown reasons.

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Muscle Man hopes to impress Starla and her parents at a ncy restaurant despite little prior knowledge of etiquette.

Mordecai says the last step is getting an outfit. They head to a clothing store where Muscle Man is dressed in a suit with his hair gelled back. He says he feels like a new man, but then the suit tears and his hair breaks. He starts crying that hell never be ready, but Mordecai and Rigby have a plan B. The scene transitions to the restaurant where Muscle Man and Starlas parents are eating. Muscle Man tests out the radio he got from the duo, when Starlas parents,HerbandRoseappear. Muscle Man shakes hands with Herb, and kisses the hand of Rose. Starla is surprised by this, and so are her parents. They start to walk toward the door, which Muscle Man rushes toward and opens. Starla and her parents thank Muscle Man, and Muscle Man tells Maitre d about his reservation. He tells him he better be ncy, and the group of enter the Restaurant. Maitre d tells a waiter to keep an eye on them, and then it is revealed that Mordecai is disguised as a waiter to help Muscle Man, and Rigby is disguised as a customer in goggles to also help him. Throughout the meal, Mordecai and Rigby help Muscle Man to be ncy, but the dinner gets worse when their scheme is uncovered by the restaurant. After Muscle Man and Herb reveal that theyre not ncy, the restaurant attempts to kick them out because theyre not ncy. A fight ensues, and after the fight, the Maitre d is dead. Starlas parents still want Muscle Man to take them somewhere, and he takes them to Wing Kingdom. Mordecai and Rigby follow. Starlas Parents say that theyre picky, but dont care. After telling him that he likes Muscle Man, Muscle Man flips the le over and Muscle Man and Herb take off their shirts and yell Whoo!!!!! Mordecai asks Rigby if he wants his wings, and Rigby replies No thanks, dude. I just lost my appetite. And the episode ends there.

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